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Modern western medicine often is disease management, not health care.

I want to empower you to get healthy on all levels of your being.

I want to hear the whole of YOUR story and details about your strangest complaints. Often, there is where the true answers hide. Thus, I will ask you about seemingly unrelated details like sleep position, heat-cold patterns, relationships, family history, orgasm, cravings or language patterns. The more you share, the closest we get to the core of your suffering.

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So many people feel unheard, unseen or misunderstood within the healthcare system. Often you might be told  ‘learn to live with it’ or ‘tests are normal, nothing’s wrong’. I believe our bodies have the solutions, can heal or regenerate, when given the right care.

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Below is an overview of the problems & symptoms I most often encounter in my practice.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you can’t find your problem in the list below. Often I am able to help directly OR guide you toward the right solution or specialist.

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Chronic pain, stress, burnout, non-specific, dysfunctional, and somatoform syndromes, fibromyalgia, digestion and elimination problems, disturbed sleep, emotional injury, growth or change blockages. YOUR body and mind work together both in disease and healing processes.

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Entrust the power of your body and let’s work with hormonal imbalances, infertility, female arousal, premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, natural contraconception methods, and so on.
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Knowledge is power!. Healthy sexuality, ED, premature ejaculation, libido and male arousal, male infertility, non-specific urethritis, and sexual continence.
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Health & Wholeness

Wholeness is a state of being complete, where all aspects of your life are integrated and balanced. Achieving wholeness means taking care of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
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RECOVERY & Rehabilitation

Recovery and rehabilitation are critical components of the healing journey for individuals who have experienced

  • physical or emotional injury
  • chronic illness
  • long COVID, dengue, post viral fatigue
  • burnout

While the road to recovery can be challenging, it is also a time of growth and transformation. 

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The key to my success is treating people as a whole person not just a set of symptoms. The root of your problems needs to be uncovered and addressed. Just masking symptoms might look spectacular but is not the thing to do for long term health and vitality.

The primary difference between standard medical care and what I do, is the natural approach with respect and empowerment of your body&mind capacity to heal itself.

People call me because I can hold space and find solutions for the most personal, peculiar, rare, strange, or secret inner struggles, for the hidden and the shameful, for the intimate impulses as well as the highest aspirations.

Why would you choose A HOLISTIC DOCTOR?

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