Address Emotional Pain & Injuries

Beyond Pain Series


Wednesday, 17th January 2024

13:00 GMT (60 mins)

Beyond Pain Series

Address Emotional Pain and Injuries within Holistic and Ezoteric Paths

When did you reach your emotional maturity?

Legally we are declared mature over age 22 or age 18 depending on your country of residence.

Factually, if you are under 32 as a woman or under 43 as a man, you are most likely NOT at your best emotional parameters. 

And this is for the average population 😉

Who taught you most about emotional mastery?
Was that a training?
Was that teaching directly, intently or imposed by life events? A side dish to mathematics and biology or purposeful, skilled training? 
We are making our most life-changing decisions and even live a full life in emotional puerility. 
No wonder most people get so deeply hurt, sometimes irreversibly wounded. 

The Purpose

So how to deal with your wounds? With your emotions? 

For more than 30 years I carried my generous neuroticism along the paths of medicine and spirituality. I gathered and applied all that came to my attention in attending to emotions. 

From suppression to sublimation, from expression to investigation, from psychological to esoteric, from biochemical to energy therapies, from yoga and meditation to psychotherapy and medication. 

These online classes are my way of offering to you what I learned, what I trust and know it works, plus the pitfalls of the entire journey.


Join for an hour to grasp the foundations of holistic healing of emotional pain.

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Answers to the following questions:

– What is the significance, the meaning, the interpretation and the purpose of my wounds?

– Why am I born at this time of history and what are the advantages of it?

– Running in the bullet’s wind will get one hurt or killed. Why am I here? 

This is not the time to get lost into fixing the past or plating one more armor. The wheel of change is breaking all to pieces of cosmic dust. 


what to take home

  • Discover Your Personal Path: Unearth alternative treatments customized to your unique needs, cutting through the clutter of generic solutions.
  • Mind-Body Insights: Explore the connection between your emotions, body, and spirit for holistic healing.
  • Science-Backed Wisdom: Gain practical insights supported by scientific evidence for effective emotional well-being.
  • Spiritual Practices for Healing: Learn how your spiritual practice can become your secret, most powerful tool in alleviating emotional pain. Also how this healing time can be harnessed to the benefit of your personal spiritual benefit

Take what you want and what you can, what your present level of understanding or availability allows.


  • Gain Clarity: Navigate the maze of emotional healing with a clear understanding of your unique needs.
  • Gain Empowerment: Acquire practical tools to empower your journey toward emotional well-being.
  • Gain from Community: Connect with like-minded individuals on a shared path to healing.

Emotional Pain - brief overview

Emotional injuries are as real as the physical ones, only not so visible to the naked eye.
We use symbolic language to describe their reality: