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My goal: maximise your health – body, mind, and spirit


MD, PM&R, IACH (cert), C-IAYT


medical doctor – graduated 1996, Iassy Romania

physiatrist – speciality in  physical medicine, recuperation, and balneoclimatology – graduated 2003 Bucharest, Romania

classical homoeopathy – IACH certification 2010 Alonissos, Greece

yoga therapy, yoga and psychotherapy, meditation – grandparenting yoga therapist C-IAYT, USA

educator – integrative medicine and wellbeing, women’s health and personal development, yoga Hatha-Laya-Tantra, meditation, sacred intimacy, non-dual Shaivism  

specialist in personalised integrative medicine

spiritual health expert and mentor

medically informed counselling and coaching 
your online health monitoring manager  OHMM
functional medicine advisor

Health Optimizing specialist – technology-assisted therapies training – ES complex diagnosis, spectroscopy, medical thermography, Aquera Voice Analysis, Eductor, Papimi therapy, PEMF

behavioural medicine – online trainings 

metaphors of movement,  IEMT online trainings – Andy Austin

Born in communist Romania, I studied medicine and have been through residency in the confusing times of transitioning to democracy.

My early interest in yoga and meditation led to the simultaneous study of science and introspective paths. It took a lot of work and curiosity to realise how to blend these two distinct approaches into cognitive functioning and practical application.

I became a yoga teacher through apprenticeship, helping my teacher out of love  – there was no concept of TTC back then.

I travelled many – internal journeys of self-discovery and external explorations of the world and human kindness.

  • from reading censored yoga books in my father’s library to becoming a yoga guru in Thailand
  • from denying my femininity to pioneering women’s circles
  • from Western medical studies to integration with alternative medicine, homoeopathy, yoga therapy, and psychotherapy
  • from the thorough objectivity of science to the exquisite nature of non-ordinary states of consciousness 

The external travels were prompted by the same search for medical and sacred knowledge.

Yogi Rama’s Himalayan Institute in Dehradun, Tibetan    traditional ritual, Chinese Qigong healing practices,  meditation in the ashrams of Rishikesh and Thai monasteries, prayer and Sufi whirling in the mosques of Turkey and Israeli desert, explorations of esoteric Christianity, studies of Kashmiri non-dual Shaivism and Jewish mysticism, shamanic psychospiritual work. 

I can navigate with you through extensive lengths o change, chaos, transformation, and suffering. I have the experience, knowledge, education and ability to adapt, reinvent, empathise, listen and empower. I am used to holding the space for the most secret inner struggles, the hidden shame, and the intimate impulses.
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MD – studied six years medical university followed by another six years of residency  to become a

sounds close enough to a psychiatrist – a shrink, but it is a doctor for the physical issues, recovery and recuperation, therapy of movement, physiotherapy and balneoclimatology.

balneoclimatology is the study of how climate, mineral water, hot springs, therapeutic muds, specialised movement, and other natural elements impact various health conditions.

shortly, balneoclimatology is where science meets spa day!

this medical speciality was the closest choice I had to the recently coined terms of integrative, functional or psychosomatic medicine – mind-body-nature integration for therapy. 


is there something more to life than sleeping, eating, working, procreating?

yoga – 30+ years of practice in hatha, laya, and tantric formats. 25+ years of teaching experience including teacher trainings hatha and tantra, pioneering of yoga therapy trainings

meditation – aficionado of daily practice; laya, mantra, mindfulness, visualisation, non-dual Shaiva and Tibetan style

prayer – christian orthodox by my grandparents education, I found genuine likeness and sincerity in Jewish, Sufi, Hindu, and Buddhist mysticism. 

non-ordinary states of consciousness – shamanic psychospiritual work, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, Hoffman process, holotropic breathwork  


femininity was my toughest challenge and most fertile growth

adoption of masculine traits served me well for a while during studies, yoga, and meditation practices.

then love came along …

emotions, relationships, hormones, tantric sexuality, kundalini phenomena, intuition and ESP, facing death through health challenges, the embodied explorations of the Great Mother, devotion and transfiguration

I developed several personal development and wellness programs for women, initiated the women’s circles in Koh Phangan, and been invited in many places around the world to work with women on their Complete Femininity

My contentment in being a woman serves gently the integration of masculine and feminine.


health – through silent, insidious, confusing degradation from within.
This was the unpredicted way to verify what mind over matter really means.  It brought me to homeopathy, yoga therapy, integration of biomedicine and alternative therapies, and the role of psychotherapy.

magic – this test is not to be prescribed by or to doctors. what is real and what is a figment of imagination? where does normal step into the paranormal? what is mental training and runs under the definition of insanity? years after years of inner search. does it have an end?

chaos – starting 2015 the trial of total change started; those times when world turns upside down. work, relationships, location, family, internal world, full scale challenge and uprooting



I could not believe this is the end of Me, although it surely felt like it

It took an honest look into the mirror and lots of self reflection. 

The pandemic times offered the unwitting cradle for my healing and revival. The dark, the cold, the surrender to the unknown, the winter hibernation are fertile grounds for growth. I got to dive deeper into the world of technology assisted Health Optimizing. Electro-interstitial scanning,  spectroscopy, Voice Analysis, medical thermography, plasma light therapy, ion induction, PEMF, bioresonance integrated with functional medicine and biohacking. 

Thus, I am returning to the service of You, with a fresh perspective over life and healing.

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