your health is the foundation
of your freedom

body-mind medicine with a particularly and individually distinctive, “custom-made” work, effectively addressing ALL health challenges

heal the root causes of physical, emotional, or spiritual ailments and safeguard against future issues.

body, mind, and spirit remedies for healing, work, exploration, growth, and freedom

prevention is your best treatment – act NOW

we help where the medical system cannot: cross-disciplinary ailments, long-term monitoring, suffering and meaning

Pains and symptoms are your body’s form of communication. Let’s investigate them carefully and work together for fostering health and long-lasting positive change.

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As a DOCTOR, I respect your uniqueness and understand your need for personalized healing.
Our collaboration and dedication are necessary to finding relief from pain and achieving Ultimate Health
I bring more than 30 years of experience in medicine, both Western and alternative.
As a TEACHER and MENTOR, I assisted thousands of people in their Transformation and Personal Empowerment journeys.

Bring the Whole that YOU are, special and dysfunctional, to set your path to fulfilment.


Expert in


Either it is chronic pain, stress, burnout, non-specific syndromes, emotional injuries, growth or change blockages, YOUR body and mind work together. I will examine and address the mind-body interconnectedness in your personalised therapy.

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Entrust the power of your body and let’s work with hormonal imbalances, infertility, female arousal, premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, natural contraconception methods, and so on.

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Knowledge is power!.
Healthy sexuality, ED, premature ejaculation, libido and male arousal, male infertility, non-specific urethritis, and sexual continence.


The most profound dimensions of a healing process are rarely investigated

what is health?

Why all the treatments? To make the pain stop? To fix a problem and return to the normal from before? To prove something, to someone, or to oneself? 

On what do you base your health choices? Your neighbour experience? Parents advice? Whom do you trust in the healthcare system? Doctors, professors, friends, Google, or AI?

the why

Why go for conventional or for alternative medical care?
When is the time for a specialised intervention?
Why take a holistic approach?

When to wait and when to push really hard? 


What do your health problems mean for you?
the end … ?


Within your life
disease brings major changes
pain interferes with performance
adopting the disease identity
health as purpose

With the outer world
the victim and the helper 
the needy and the burden
this will not let him/them go
disease makes me special
nobody gets me


Mindset – its role in your healing
The body responds differently on a metabolic, biochemical level to all these underlying beliefs

Do you ever consider them? 
Placebo – lessening the symptoms through positive expectations
Nocibo – mind over matter turned criminal

Every treatment gives different results in different individuals. So many choices
How will you find your successful combination?

I have the expertise to discover YOUR optimal solutions for pain relief and clarity on path and purpose.

A brief journey through the stages of change

It all starts with YOUR questioning the daily narratives – is there something else? Beyond achievement or failure, in pain or pleasure is there a meaning, a purpose, a significance for living? 
The search begins. 
Religion, art, music, yoga, meditation, magic, martial arts, the sense of an internal need is explored. 
Whatever you practice regularly will change your mind. There is access to calmer states and increased awareness of mind and body. Thinking about reality and reality itself do not appear identical anymore.

You start feeling better and want more.
Increased attention leads to increased sensitivity. That makes life intense and colorful as well as more complicated. 
This is the time for arising of doubts and making peace with the no way back option. Do you remember Cypher gone wrong in the Matrix? 

With continued practice, the first challenges come up – old symptoms aggravation, detoxing reactions, emotional shifts, strange obstacles to cure. There is also partial relief, releases and results and finally the dark night. 
The need for guidance and careful assessment increases at these times – which are unavoidable though different in length and intensity. Minutes to years or a lifetime, depends on several factors. This is where differential diagnosis with aggravating pathology becomes a real challenge.

Breakthrough and an increased level of inner freedom follows challenge. Peak experiences, health improvement, joy and insight

… then the cycle restarts! 

we are not a good match if

You might be in one of these conditions

  • Life endangering emergencies – Except spiritual emergencies 
  • There is no place nor interest into inner work. You might be looking for a bypass of your responsibility in healing 
healing 22

All alternative medicine and spiritual stuff are scientifically inaccurate voodoo, and you are definitively convinced on that. With respect for our opinions, I might be able to provide you good referrals. 


What i Offer

1 to 1 therapy
coaching and mentoring

My Objective? YOU

team workshop

Together is Smarter 


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